Strategy, Aims and Mission Statement

The Bar Council is the governing body of the legal profession in Gibraltar and lays down policy relating to all matters affecting the legal profession. It represents barristers and solicitors in practice in Gibraltar. However, an important percentage of its members are in what would be described as the Employed Bar (lawyers working in industry as in-house Counsel) or in Government. It is important, therefore, that the Bar Council reflects the views of all its members whether in private practice, Government or employment and whether they are barristers or solicitors.

On his election the current Chairman, Keith Azopardi, indicated that he would like the Bar Council to launch a 3 year strategy during the Autumn of 2015. At the Opening of the Legal Year in October 2015 the Chairman set out the Bar Council’s main objectives and strategy for the period to 2018.

The functions and powers of the Bar Council are presently contained in clause 2.1 of its constitution.
Its general objectives include:


To maintain the standards, honour and independence of the legal profession and to promote, preserve and improve the services and functions of the legal profession;


To make special provision for matters arising out of the fused nature of the legal profession in Gibraltar and to regulate professional business normally conducted by solicitors and exercise functions similar to those of the Law Society so far as these are applicable to Gibraltar;


To represent and act for the Bar generally as well as in its relations with others and also in matters affecting the administration of justice;


To consider all recommendations and other matters referred to the Bar Council by any authority, member of the Bar or of the public;


To have general powers to fulfil its objectives including that of raising funds for its general purposes.

Enhancing Justice, Regulation and the Quality of Legal Services